6 Things to do at Salesforce World Tour — London

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Salesforce World Tour, London Edition 2016 will take place on the 19th May at ExCel center. It is always a vibrant day with 1000s of attendees and plenty of events. If you are signed up to attend, here’s how you can benefit the most from the event.

1. Attend the Salesforce Tour keynote

The keynote is generally quite a show where bright leaders share their journeys and success stories. Keynote speakers at Salesforce World Tours are high-ranking executives from Salesforce, CEOs from large global businesses or nonprofit organizations, inspiring leaders and high achievers in different fields like entertainment, sports, science and more.

The Salesforce executive and CEOs will share real experiences and showcase the impact of the latest innovative Salesforce products in sales, service and marketing and how businesses have been transformed with a new kind of customer success.

The keynote really sets the tone for the day. It is always an interesting and impressive show. So don’t miss it.

2. Visit the Customer Expo

Make sure you spend time at the Customer Success Expos before the keynote or before and after sessions. You will get to see live demos of new products from Salesforce partners.

It is a great opportunity for exhibitors to engage with visitors, build their brand awareness and explain how their products may help or fit your business.

It works vice versa. You can make useful contacts, get exposure to new products and innovations, interact with product experts who you would not meet elsewhere and find out what’s going on in the field.

3. Attend a few Breakout sessions

There will be sessions designed for Salesforce users about best practices, Sales cloud, marketing cloud, Salesforce analytics, apps and much more. Whatever be your current role in your company, there is bound to be a few sessions that you will benefit from, attended by like minded people.

Salesforce always brings in experts for the sessions and there’s always a lot of interaction, so you can get genuine insight your field of interest and learn something useful to take back with you.

4. Put on your Networking hat!

You will meet business owners, successful entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, CFOs, people in HR services, marketing and sales .There is no better networking opportunity than this environment.

Most people attending the event will be open to meet and exchange a few words. So introduce yourself to people, stay engaged and remember to bring extra business cards.

5. If you are new to Salesforce, check out Trailhead and Services Zones

Salesforce created its own learning platform, Trailhead last year and it is being presented as the easiest way to learn Salesforce. There will be a lot of information and promotion of Trailhead at the event. So If you are a new Salesforce user or learn more and expand your Salesforce career, this is the zone to visit.

If you are looking to adopt Salesforce, here is the best place to see how easily that be done. You will have experts to explain certifications, training, support and Salesforce consulting to help you adopt Salesforce. This will be your Expert advice zone!

6. Enjoy yourself

People will be coming from all over the country to attend this Salesforce event in London and it really is a wonderful opportunity to interact with Salesforce enthusiasts as well and people from diverse businesses.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to relax and interact casually. So don’t hesitate to socialize a bit and have a good time. Though it is just a one day event, you may find yourself building relationships and working with some of these people someday.

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