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Salesforce World Tour, London Edition 2016 will take place on the 19th May at ExCel center. It is always a vibrant day with 1000s of attendees and plenty of events. If you are signed up to attend, here’s how you can benefit the most from the event.

1. Attend the Salesforce Tour keynote

The keynote is generally quite a show where bright leaders share their journeys and success stories. Keynote speakers at Salesforce World Tours are high-ranking executives from Salesforce, CEOs from large global businesses or nonprofit organizations, inspiring leaders and high achievers in different fields like entertainment, sports, science and more.

The Salesforce executive and CEOs will share real experiences and showcase the impact of the latest innovative Salesforce products in sales, service and marketing and how businesses have been transformed with a new kind of customer success.

The keynote really sets the tone for the day. It is always an interesting and impressive show. So don’t miss it.

2. Visit the Customer Expo

Make sure you spend time at the Customer Success Expos before the keynote or before and after sessions. You will get to see live demos of new products from Salesforce partners.

It is a great opportunity for exhibitors to engage with visitors, build their brand awareness and explain how their products may help or fit your business.

It works vice versa. You can make useful contacts, get exposure to new products and innovations, interact with product experts who you would not meet elsewhere and find out what’s going on in the field.

3. Attend a few Breakout sessions

There will be sessions designed for Salesforce users about best practices, Sales cloud, marketing cloud, Salesforce analytics, apps and much more. Whatever be your current role in your company, there is bound to be a few sessions that you will benefit from, attended by like minded people.

Salesforce always brings in experts for the sessions and there’s always a lot of interaction, so you can get genuine insight your field of interest and learn something useful to take back with you.

4. Put on your Networking hat!

You will meet business owners, successful entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, CFOs, people in HR services, marketing and sales .There is no better networking opportunity than this environment.

Most people attending the event will be open to meet and exchange a few words. So introduce yourself to people, stay engaged and remember to bring extra business cards.

5. If you are new to Salesforce, check out Trailhead and Services Zones

Salesforce created its own learning platform, Trailhead last year and it is being presented as the easiest way to learn Salesforce. There will be a lot of information and promotion of Trailhead at the event. So If you are a new Salesforce user or learn more and expand your Salesforce career, this is the zone to visit.

If you are looking to adopt Salesforce, here is the best place to see how easily that be done. You will have experts to explain certifications, training, support and Salesforce consulting to help you adopt Salesforce. This will be your Expert advice zone!

6. Enjoy yourself

People will be coming from all over the country to attend this Salesforce event in London and it really is a wonderful opportunity to interact with Salesforce enthusiasts as well and people from diverse businesses.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to relax and interact casually. So don’t hesitate to socialize a bit and have a good time. Though it is just a one day event, you may find yourself building relationships and working with some of these people someday.

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Written by :

Gooshun Belut

Senior Consultant, Accenture Cloud First



Yodlee, a leading cloud platform driving digital financial innovation, today announced an integration with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud that provides access to the Yodlee Aggregation Platform and empowers advisors with aggregated, user-permissioned account data and a holistic view of clients’ finances.
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Deactivating a Salesforce Administrator
(Admin Hero)

Deactivating user accounts can be an occasional pain, but deactivating a System Administrator user can be a nightmare. Depending on how long the individual has been with the company, and especially if they are a solo Admin, their name is probably associated with multiple critical settings and must be updated.
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Salesforce Job Opportunities

Check out these awesome job opportunities

Salesforce SME (Administrator / Business Analyst), Sports & Fashion Company – London, UK
Marketing Automation Consultant – Leeds, UK
Sales Operations Role (Salesforce) – Georgia, US
Jr. Salesforce Administrator – California, US
Senior Salesforce Consultant – California, US
Salesforce Administrator – Insurance Major – London, UK
Salesforce Consultants – Auckland, New Zealand Sr. Architect – Portland, Maine, US Solution Architect – Morristown, New Jersey, US Project Manager – London, UK
Salesforce Administrator / Analyst – Reading, UK

With AppExchange Store builder, Salesforce offers enterprises the power to build their own enterprise app store to distribute and share customized apps with users.

Salesforce has launched AppExchange Store Builder, a package with a template and tools for Salesforce clients to set up their own customized app store. From this centralized enterprise market place, mobile, web and desktop apps can be distributed internally or externally to partners and customers on any device.

Source :
 AppExchange Store Builder

AppExchange Store Builder

We are currently in what can be termed as the golden era for apps, with brilliant developers regularly publishing apps for every aspect of business. However, businesses are demanding that they have control over deployment, management and support and lastly that distribution is not limited to specific OS and be instead available to users with the major Operating systems.

AppExchange Store Builder addresses all the above. It is developed using Salesforce’s technologies, Apex code and VisualSource pages. It is offered as an unmanaged package so that developers and administrators have the resources needed to build and customize their store based on branding, analytics, authentication, licensing and integrate e-commerce needs.

Some features of AppExchange Store builder that brand leaders are taking notice of

  1. Once AppExchange Store builder is installed, it is easy for developers to install web, mobile, internally or third party developed apps on the corporate app store. All that is needed is an installation URL to the app.
  2. There is the option of branding the corporate store with design, logos and the ability to upload up to 5 cyclically rotating images on the banner. This gives users a trusting and familiar feel with the brand.
  3. Developers can upload salient details for each app with resources like video demos, testimonials and other required information.
  4. It is very simple to setup of app listings based on functionality or category and build a partner app ecosystem.
  5. Chatter feeds can be included for users to interact, receive feedback and offer support, basically creating conversations around apps which is eventually the best marketing tools for an app.
  6. Several languages are supported, giving the corporate store broader reach to worldwide clients.
  7. Allows direct delivery to stake holders on their smart devices using Windows, Android or iOS operating systems. This addressed the increasing number of people using their own devices at work or on the field.
  8. Has inbuilt analytics to view statistics about app downloads, track usage or views.
  9. Dashboards to generate reports on app performance.
  10. Provides the ability to integrate the payment provider of choice.


In terms of pricing, AppExchange Store builder is free to download for users with access to Salesforce AppExchange and for other users costs $5 per month for customer community licenses.


The other side

It should be noted that AppExchange Store builder is offered as a template and if the code is changed after download, Salesforce does not provide support for it.

In terms of security, admins have to conduct their own security reviews for third party apps that they want on their app stores.


At the end of the day leading brand enterprises aim to publish new and in demand apps, maximize downloads and monetize the transactions. With AppExchange Store Builder, Salesforce clients have a ready to use platform that can be customized and provide a centralized app distribution platform. Inc is always ahead of the curve when it comes to innovations to its native Salesforce platform and great at foreseeing market needs. With more companies trending towards their own app stores, it will be interesting to watch adoption and innovations for the AppExchange Store Builder platform.

Salesforce CertfiedGoing for a exam is in one-way bravery and in another a rightful decision. The Salesforce exam is conducted three times a year as Salesforce releases new system features every time. The updates are a doorbell for the already certified professionals to maintain their certification by giving certification exam every time Salesforce releases the updates.

Every release cycle is for around 4 months in tenure and the release exam is obtainable for about eight months. Certified professionals can refer to the following link for gaining information about the release cycles and the exams.

Whenever the schedule is updated on the website, then the certified professionals can receive the updates via email.

There is a deadline for the Salesforce exam, which in case missed would lead to the expiration of the certification and in some cases can also be suspended. For this release cycle, the last date for the exam is 26 June 2015. Even earning a higher or an advanced level certification does not excuse the certified professionals to escape from the recycled exams. But it is not mandatory to appear for the release exam for the similar release cycle in which the certified professionals have taken their initial release exam. The certified professionals have to undergo all the release exams in order to maintain both higher-level certification as well as the basic level certifications.

The release exams are of duration 30 minutes, which is conducted, online. The exam is non-protected and consists of around 15 questions, which are long. The number of questions can change with new changes and updates with every release cycle. Certified professionals can refer to online training manuals and the release notes which come with every release cycle. Professionals can refer to the notes openly while attempting the exams.

Here are some tools and articles to help you pass your release exams:





Salesforce takes another big stride towards the internet of Customers with Salesforce 1 Lightning, a UI framework for customers to easily build and connect apps faster than ever.

Salesforce Jobs

Salesforce1 Lightning

One of the highlights of Dreamforce 2014 was the reveal of Salesforce1 Lightning, the next version of Salesforce1, launched last year. It marks another innovation by Salesforce as the company speeds further ahead into the internet of customers.

As the name Lightning suggests, the platform is all about speed. Lightning adds new components to Salesforce1, introducing a framework, pre-built functionalities and an app builder that enables users to build apps, integrate data, automate processes and interconnect all entities easily and at very high speed.

Here are some features of Lightning that speed up the app design, build and deploy cycle :

Strong framework

Lightning offers a framework that allows users to create apps using Standard components (built by SF),Custom components (by customer developers) and AppExchange components, put them together and use across devices like mobiles, tablets, desktops or the not so futuristic wearable devices.


Lightning AppBuilder allows users to assemble components on any device very rapidly and be used throughout Salesforce1. The view of the app is customized based on the device being used.

The ease deployment of components on multiple devices is very appealing since everyone seems to be using more than one device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

It should be noted that Lightning is currently optimized only for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

Easy automation

Salesforce1 Lightning platform provides Process Builder to automate processes. Call to actions to execute any transaction can be set up as soon as an event occurs. Salesforce interfaces are intuitive so Constructing strong yet simple business process flows declaratively has never been easier for users.

Speed and connectivity to the back office

Lightning Connect allows users to bring in external data sources using a standard called “OData” into their Salesforce org and work in real time. Salesforce partners like Informatica, Jitterbit, Progress Software, SnapLogic and SoftwareAG enable users to easily and rapidly bring in data into their Salesforce through Lightning connect.

It allows users to unlock their back office, so for e.g when Sales reps are on the field, they can access and update data and make better decisions on the field.


Salesforce1 Platform and Salesforce1 Lightning Connect are available with all user licenses of Salesforce CRM. Salesforce1 Lightning Connect is priced per data source and the monthly subscription.

The next natural question is how will Lightning really impact businesses already using Salesforce?

Lightning provides visual tools so that even non developers can drag and drop components to create a page, a process and customize apps. This allows non developers to contribute to the design and delivery of apps within the organization thereby increasing adoption of Salesforce.

That is certainly one of the visions of Salesforce but the key takeaway is that Lightning is about being mobile, social and giving customers the ability for users to point and click and unlock their back office on their mobile.


Salesforce Jobs

Salesforce1 Lightning


Welcome to Dreamforce 2014! This grand software conference is going to be held in San Francisco from October 13th to 16th, 2014. The upcoming international forum brings in excellent opportunities for the participants to attend eventful sessions on industrial networking, super-concentrated learning and a whole lot of excitement.

Dreamforce 2014

With more than 1,400 expert-led sessions focused on different industries and roles, there are numerous ways to transform and grow your business. Hence, industrial professionals all across the world are extended a warm invitation to this vital business conference. Your entire team will get hands on with the latest technologies while learning face-to-face from the best industry experts.

The event includes Cloud Expos introducing the best means to get the most out of Salesforce products and solutions. The trade conference also consists of live demonstrations and face-to-face interaction with over 350 cloud computing companies displaying more than 1,000 integrated solutions.

Besides the sessions, attendees can also join the training and certification facilities that are really affordable during the event. At Dreamforce, courses are in high demand as training and certifications are the least expensive. So register early and make sure you have a seat saved.

Conference Highlights

Visitors will get to connect with partners and executives along with industry-leading customers to learn how Salesforce products help organizations connect to their customers in an innovative way. The podium offers an amazing platform to get quality training, tools and certification in order to develop your skill set, thereby taking your business boldly to the next level.

Today’s successful companies employ advanced technology to grow sales faster. Sales are all about expanding networks, and technology is transforming how those connections can be established and developed. World’s sales executives will be found to share their expert knowledge and views on how to make your sales teams more productive, gain more insight into the business, and engage their prospects to generate sales leads faster, from everywhere.

Create your dream schedule using Agenda Builder, get a seat in your preferred sessions and start exploring the sessions! Enthusiasts may sign up to Jobs In Salesforce newsletter, or follow it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn for the latest news and updates during the event.

See more at Also, don’t miss to check 57% off for a Salesforce course at!

Salesforce Jobs are ever-changing as the Salesforce CRM technology market as a whole transforms. There are different Salesforce careers that you can choose from in the CRM industry, but they are dictated by CRM trends. Taking a closer look at the salesforce jobs that are available allows you to get a clearer view of how customer relationship management or CRM is continuing to evolve.


Mobility Increase

One noticeable trend involves the increase in mobility as more and more customers use mobile devices as a method to give feedback. Instead of calling customer service numbers, many customers share their opinion of companies and businesses online using their mobile device. This means that the most popular CRM jobs involve being proactive in listening and responding to the feedback customers provide on mobile and social sites. This current job trend is realigning the CRM job industry entirely. Many of the available salesforce jobs in the UK are now related to mobile CRM services.

Customer-Company Relationship Change

The way that customers and companies interact is completely transforming. This complete realignment is what is spurring on the current job trends. Now customer experience management is becoming highly coveted in the technology industry. Mobile and social platforms are what CRM jobs must now focus on. Having the ability to deal with numerous customers at one time and be proactive in your social handling of customers’ concerns is what the top Salesforce jobs in the CRM industry are now focusing on.

Cloud-Based CRM Services

In the current market cloud-based CRM services are now becoming the new normal. They are gaining popularity with each passing day and now new software is being used to keep up to speed on all social sites. This allows companies to stay in the loop on social conversations and requires CRM jobs that involves overseeing this cloud-based software management. Having access to social intelligence related to your business is the direction that the CRM industry is headed.

CRM Jobs UK Pull it All Together

The importance of CRM to the profitability of any business is only steadily increasing. This means that CRM jobs are becoming more and more in-demand. The ways that companies can interact with customers are continually growing as technology moves forward. The CRM industry is what pulls everything together and allows companies to stay connected to their customers in the most effective ways.

The administrator plays the most significant role when it comes to making your CRM implementation a real success. And it is due to this reason, choosing the right Salesforce talent for your organization is of utmost importance. Here comes a list of things that you need to consider before recruiting the right candidate for your company.

Based on the latest professional experience, for a small organization the role of the administrator is not necessarily a full-time position. In the initial phases of the implementation, the responsibility of the position requires more concentrated time that is close to 50 percent of a permanent position. After going live, usually managing Salesforce CRM will need much less time that is around 10-25 percent.

Let’s have a look at some of the qualities that an administrator should have in order to grab one of the latest Salesforce Jobs in UK. Although the position doesn’t need an IT professional or an individual with the knowledge of programming skills, but it can be an advantage for his or her role as an administrator.

Software as a service (SaaS) makes system administration quite simpler than it was with conventional software. Starting from setting up, customizing and maintaining the application to training users, and turning on the latest features that are available with each release, everything in between are just a few clicks away.

Skill Set

A list of a few must have skills required for the job is as follows:

  • A thorough knowledge of the business processes
  • A good understanding of the organizational structure and ability to help build relationships with key groups
  • The expertise to be the voice of the user in interacting with management
  • Analytical skills to identify customizations and respond to requested changes
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Outstanding presentation, motivational and communication skills
  • Training and Certification
Jobs in Salesforce in UK

Jobs in Salesforce in UK

Relevant duties of an administrator include:

  • The administration part involves customization and development, user maintenance, database cleanup and de-duping, documentation, development of dashboards and reports.
  • The training part involves developing and implementing training for users, keeping materials up to date, communicating future Salesforce enhancements and releases.
  • Growing to design and manage the ongoing system development to meet the organization’s mission.
  • Managing outsourced Salesforce implementation vendors or partners to maintain ongoing relationships with Salesforce professionals.

It is always good to have a certified administrator as a proven professional will help in a faster implementation and improved use of Salesforce. Find the right talent for the job and continue to enjoy organizational growth.

Coming at the heels of Salesforce1 World tour in Boston and Chicago in April, Salesforce1 Tour was held in London last month. As has become customary, it was attended by record crowds. Over 10,000 people registered for the event. This was definitely the biggest salesforce event ever held in London.

The Highlights of the event:

1. Focus on the Internet of Customer with Salesforce1 and ExactTarget

The internet of customers is a term coined and publicized by Salesforce. With the number of smart devices continuing its meteoric rise and an estimated 50 billion connected devices by 2020, the internet of customers suggests that every company should be able to connect every app, employee, partner, product and device with their customers using the power of social, mobile and cloud.

Salesforce1 is built to transform how companies sell, service and market for the Internet of Customers. As the new social, mobile and cloud customer platform, Salesforce1 is an open platform that allows developers, ISVs, end users, admins and customers  run their business from their phones by leveraging on custom applications and the  entire salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce1 for Android, iOS and windows 8 smartphones already have the power of Salesforce CRM built into the Salesforce1 platform.

Focus on ExactTarget : Keeping the customer at the center of everything, ExactTarget, Salesforce biggest acquisition yet, is the Number 1 marketing platform with not only standard marketing capabilities but also the ability to build seamless and sophisticated journey for the customer.

Clients like SONY showcased their success story with PlayStation 4 and bore testimony to how they were able to analyse and have direct communication with their customers with 50% conversion rate.

2. Opening of Salesforce’s first Data center in UK and Expansion in Europe.  

George Hu, Chief Operating Officer, Salesforce announced the launch of a UK

datacenter in 2014.This will be’s sixth datacenter and will support the company’s services to customers in Europe, middle East and Africa. The UK data center will be run entirely on renewable energy and be environment friendly.

The datacenter will be completed in 2014 in partnership with NTT

Communications’ local arm, NTT Europe. This is quite a big deal for Salesforce and customers given that there were compliance issues in the last few years that caused a delay in Salesforce opening a datacenter in europe.

Salesforce is allowed to handle European customers personal data and customers wanted that the data center be locally positioned. So this is quite an achievement for both sides.

Europe has been salesforce’s fastest growing region in its fiscal year 2013, contributing to 38% revenue growth. By strategically positioning itself in the heart of Europe, this is a clear statement of Salesforce’s commitment to Europe and planned expansion that will mean more business opportunities and more job creation.

Two more data centers are being planned for 2015 in other major European hubs, France and Germany.

3. London’s skyscraper becomes ‘Salesforce tower’

London has some fine landmarks and Salesforce is joining this league with the 46 storey high skyscraper with “6 star” offices currently known as Heron tower or 110 Bishopsgate, being renamed Salesforce tower. This is where current salesforce offices are located and where salesforce is putting down roots and creating a permanent home in UK.

The renaming of the tower is a part of a deal between the building owners and Salesforce for a
15 year period. Salesforce will now be the largest tenant , occupying 50,000 sq ft over six floors in the tower. This decision by the owners of the building has met with some controversy with some other tenants being unhappy about the name change.

This is understandable but having a building like this in the city of London, named after itself is not only part of a marketing and business deal, it is also an honor for Salesforce. It seems that Salesforce is willing to bear the cost that the current tenants will incur in reprinting of their companies’ stationery, business cards and the costs requiring amendments to their websites with regards to the renaming.

‘What’s in a name?’ goes the famous quote. Well there sure seems that to salesforce there’s a lot to its name!



One of the, if not the biggest Silicon valley news is the announcement by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella of the strategic partnership between Microsoft and Salesforce to deliver new solutions and mobile experiences to their mutual customers.


It has come as quite a surprise since Microsoft Dynamics,Microsoft’s customer relationship management software is very close and direct competition to Salesforce. Interestingly,prior to becoming the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella was Vice President of Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise group and he was responsible for the creation of Microsoft Dynamics.

So there is indeed a lot of curiosity around this deal between these giant organizations and interest in how it will mutually serve both businesses ? or be each other’s customers as says Microsoft CEO.

Salesforce1 for Windows and Windows phone 8.1 will give another leap to Salesforce’s lion share in mobile cloud based CRM market.

As per the deal, Salesforce will create Salesforce1 apps for Windows Phone 8.1.  This will allow Salesforce customers to access Salesforce and run their businesses from their Windows enabled devices.

Salesforce1 already has a range of features and functionality optimized for Android and iOS mobile devices, to help users stay connected and productive on the go.

Salesforce is expected to deliver its new “Salesforce1” suite of products for Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 by the beginning of 2015

Salesforce for Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 is already cloud powered and its integration with Salesforce will let customers access, share and edit Office documents from within Salesforce.

This will also allow Salesforce data to be visualized and analyzed in Excel and Power BI.

Extending storage capacity beyond

Use of Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online as integrated storage options for Salesforce is an excellent offering to Salesforce clients. It meets the challenge for big clients to keep storage consumption within their purchased storage space.

 More Salesforce apps for Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has a very large and loyal user base.  Salesforce app with CRM features for Outlook will be very interesting to look out for.

Microsoft is already using ExactTarget marketing Hub, which was a huge acquisition by Salesforce last year.Through this collaboration, Microsoft is expected to spend more on ExactTarget while Salesforce is expected to use SQL, Microsoft’s database and Microsoft Azure cloud.

The question however is whether this ecosystem is really going to thrive? Specifics about this collaboration have not been disclosed yet and a question on everyone’s mind what does this partnership  mean for Microsoft’s own CRM, Dynamics?

Well, this will surely be a very interesting space to watch in the coming months!