3 Key Highlights from Salesforce1 World Tour London

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Coming at the heels of Salesforce1 World tour in Boston and Chicago in April, Salesforce1 Tour was held in London last month. As has become customary, it was attended by record crowds. Over 10,000 people registered for the event. This was definitely the biggest salesforce event ever held in London.

The Highlights of the event:

1. Focus on the Internet of Customer with Salesforce1 and ExactTarget

The internet of customers is a term coined and publicized by Salesforce. With the number of smart devices continuing its meteoric rise and an estimated 50 billion connected devices by 2020, the internet of customers suggests that every company should be able to connect every app, employee, partner, product and device with their customers using the power of social, mobile and cloud.

Salesforce1 is built to transform how companies sell, service and market for the Internet of Customers. As the new social, mobile and cloud customer platform, Salesforce1 is an open platform that allows developers, ISVs, end users, admins and customers  run their business from their phones by leveraging on custom applications and the  entire salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce1 for Android, iOS and windows 8 smartphones already have the power of Salesforce CRM built into the Salesforce1 platform.

Focus on ExactTarget : Keeping the customer at the center of everything, ExactTarget, Salesforce biggest acquisition yet, is the Number 1 marketing platform with not only standard marketing capabilities but also the ability to build seamless and sophisticated journey for the customer.

Clients like SONY showcased their success story with PlayStation 4 and bore testimony to how they were able to analyse and have direct communication with their customers with 50% conversion rate.

2. Opening of Salesforce’s first Data center in UK and Expansion in Europe.  

George Hu, Chief Operating Officer, Salesforce announced the launch of a UK

datacenter in 2014.This will be Salesforce.com’s sixth datacenter and will support the company’s services to customers in Europe, middle East and Africa. The UK data center will be run entirely on renewable energy and be environment friendly.

The datacenter will be completed in 2014 in partnership with NTT

Communications’ local arm, NTT Europe. This is quite a big deal for Salesforce and customers given that there were compliance issues in the last few years that caused a delay in Salesforce opening a datacenter in europe.

Salesforce is allowed to handle European customers personal data and customers wanted that the data center be locally positioned. So this is quite an achievement for both sides.

Europe has been salesforce’s fastest growing region in its fiscal year 2013, contributing to 38% revenue growth. By strategically positioning itself in the heart of Europe, this is a clear statement of Salesforce’s commitment to Europe and planned expansion that will mean more business opportunities and more job creation.

Two more data centers are being planned for 2015 in other major European hubs, France and Germany.

3. London’s skyscraper becomes ‘Salesforce tower’

London has some fine landmarks and Salesforce is joining this league with the 46 storey high skyscraper with “6 star” offices currently known as Heron tower or 110 Bishopsgate, being renamed Salesforce tower. This is where current salesforce offices are located and where salesforce is putting down roots and creating a permanent home in UK.

The renaming of the tower is a part of a deal between the building owners and Salesforce for a
15 year period. Salesforce will now be the largest tenant , occupying 50,000 sq ft over six floors in the tower. This decision by the owners of the building has met with some controversy with some other tenants being unhappy about the name change.

This is understandable but having a building like this in the city of London, named after itself is not only part of a marketing and business deal, it is also an honor for Salesforce. It seems that Salesforce is willing to bear the cost that the current tenants will incur in reprinting of their companies’ stationery, business cards and the costs requiring amendments to their websites with regards to the renaming.

‘What’s in a name?’ goes the famous quote. Well there sure seems that to salesforce there’s a lot to its name!



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