Salesforce1 gets a UI lift, empowering customers to build connected apps faster than ever

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Salesforce takes another big stride towards the internet of Customers with Salesforce 1 Lightning, a UI framework for customers to easily build and connect apps faster than ever.

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One of the highlights of Dreamforce 2014 was the reveal of Salesforce1 Lightning, the next version of Salesforce1, launched last year. It marks another innovation by Salesforce as the company speeds further ahead into the internet of customers.

As the name Lightning suggests, the platform is all about speed. Lightning adds new components to Salesforce1, introducing a framework, pre-built functionalities and an app builder that enables users to build apps, integrate data, automate processes and interconnect all entities easily and at very high speed.

Here are some features of Lightning that speed up the app design, build and deploy cycle :

Strong framework

Lightning offers a framework that allows users to create apps using Standard components (built by SF),Custom components (by customer developers) and AppExchange components, put them together and use across devices like mobiles, tablets, desktops or the not so futuristic wearable devices.


Lightning AppBuilder allows users to assemble components on any device very rapidly and be used throughout Salesforce1. The view of the app is customized based on the device being used.

The ease deployment of components on multiple devices is very appealing since everyone seems to be using more than one device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

It should be noted that Lightning is currently optimized only for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

Easy automation

Salesforce1 Lightning platform provides Process Builder to automate processes. Call to actions to execute any transaction can be set up as soon as an event occurs. Salesforce interfaces are intuitive so Constructing strong yet simple business process flows declaratively has never been easier for users.

Speed and connectivity to the back office

Lightning Connect allows users to bring in external data sources using a standard called “OData” into their Salesforce org and work in real time. Salesforce partners like Informatica, Jitterbit, Progress Software, SnapLogic and SoftwareAG enable users to easily and rapidly bring in data into their Salesforce through Lightning connect.

It allows users to unlock their back office, so for e.g when Sales reps are on the field, they can access and update data and make better decisions on the field.


Salesforce1 Platform and Salesforce1 Lightning Connect are available with all user licenses of Salesforce CRM. Salesforce1 Lightning Connect is priced per data source and the monthly subscription.

The next natural question is how will Lightning really impact businesses already using Salesforce?

Lightning provides visual tools so that even non developers can drag and drop components to create a page, a process and customize apps. This allows non developers to contribute to the design and delivery of apps within the organization thereby increasing adoption of Salesforce.

That is certainly one of the visions of Salesforce but the key takeaway is that Lightning is about being mobile, social and giving customers the ability for users to point and click and unlock their back office on their mobile.


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Salesforce1 Lightning


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