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Salesforce1 is Salesforce’s  innovation of its services, platforms and apps to address the exponential rise in App-centric mobile enterprise computing. During the last 15 years of Salesforce, the company has been listening to its users, bettering the Salesforce platform and continuously innovating.  Salesforce1 was announced in Dreamforce 2013, with keynotes showcases of its successful implementation by many Salesforce clients.

 Salesforce1 Features

Salesforce1 has a range of features and functionality optimized for Android and iOS mobile devices, designed to help users stay connected and productive wherever they are.                                              

 Here’s an overview of some features of Salesforce1 platform:                    

Salesforce1 Optimized for mobile

Automatic upgrade

All customers are automatically upgraded to salesforce1.

Salesforce1 has most but not all of the functionalities of the full Salesforce site. Some data or actions are not supported in Salesforce1 and the site has to be used instead.


Salesforce1 uses the same level of identity and security on mobile devices as on its desktop version.

Intuitive interface

The platform is optimized for easy navigation and data interaction on mobile touch screen devices.

Accessing CRM Data

Users can create and edit custom object records, log calls and share files right from their mobile device thereby staying on top of sales, service and marketing.

User accessibility

Chatter Mobile for Android and Chatter Mobile for iPhone and iPad apps have upgraded to Salesforce1 Chatter. Mobile access to Chatter feeds, group and people allows users to stay connected to colleagues and customers on the go.

Easy switching from internal organization into other communities

Increased efficiency on the go

Data can quickly and easily be found through list views, recently accessed records lists, and global or record search.

Use of Today app to prepare for meetings, get into conference calls, and find directions.

Activities can easily be tracked through task and Salesforce event management

Receiving notifications that require business actions

Customization of third-party apps

Salesforce1 can easily be tailored to the client’s specific needs by integrating custom apps built both on Salesforce1 Platform and third-party apps.

Flexible development models enable users to create custom apps backed by mobile back-end

Services and create unique, yet familiar, mobile user experience.

Salesforce1 benefits to the  Salesforce Ecosystem :

Increased productivity of Employees

Salesforce1 has numerous enhanced features.Some examples are group updates to Salesforce Console for contextual sales intelligence, Salesforce files synchronization with collaborators, automatic sharing of latest versions of files on chatter, Streamlining of case feeds amongst others..

Groups automatically get the latest updates through Chatter on mobile devices and business decisions can made from anywhere.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

·  ISVs can build apps, deliver and publish them right within the Salesforce1 mobile platform. These are available to users at their fingertips.

·  ISVs can develop apps taking advantage of advanced packaging and version management controls and complete enterprise marketplace capabilities with AppExchange.

Empowering Administrators

·  Salesforce1 adds extra APIs and developer resources like Mobile cards, publisher actions, compact layouts amongst others that help point and click admins in making Salesforce content more mobile ready and mobile friendly without the need to touch any code.

·  Administrators have greater influence over how their users will work on Salesforce1 and have the power to make their salesforce experience almost effortless with just a few customizations.   

· Administrators can manage and assist customers from anywhere.

 They can remotely receive information about action items and take business actions like resetting passwords and authenticating users.

Empowering Developers to build next generation Apps

·  Salesforce1 give developers substantial freedom and resources to be creative and innovative in Mobile app development.

·  Salesforce1 integrates, Heroku (development environment for Java, Python and Ruby), and salesforce web properties into a platform of strong social, mobile cloud services available to developers.

·  Developers have access to large numbers of APIs on Salesforce1, available to work with’s web features.           


· APIs are flexible and scalable allowing the development of Apps

that connect and perform millions of transactions.  Some examples

are bulk APIs for data loading, social APIs for collaborations, streaming APIs, APIs describing permissions, data access policies, field types, and user experience.

·  Speeding up development and time to market because prototyping can happen in days rather than months with the Salesforce1 Platform, resulting in faster feedback and iterations.

Salesforce1 is a robust platform to work on, at the very top of cloud development platforms and as Mark Benioff says its adoption has been phenomenal.

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