What has ExactTarget brought to Salesforce since the big 2013 acquisition?

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In a bold move in June 2013, Salesforce acquired ExactTarget, the leader in digital marketing & analytics for a cool 2.3 billion dollars and integrated it to its Salesforce1 platform. The aim was to add another pillar to Salesforce number one position in sales and service.

People on Wall Street fretted over this staggering acquisition, one that joins the ranks of the most expensive acquisitions in recent tech History. Now almost a year later, let’s see how has this deal played out for Salesforce.

Well, first of all, Salesforce completed its 2014 fiscal year in February 2014 with $4.07 billion in sales, a 30% growth , Salesforce’s fiscal revenue guidance for 2015 is $5.3 billion, representing another 30% growth projection,a rather bright trajectory.

Salesforce continues to be the largest CRM vendor holding 16.1% of the CRM market.

Salesforce clients can now manage their relationship with their customers through one platform  ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, the perfect combination of sales, service and marketing.

Salesforce has become one of the most powerful single management customer platform for one-to-one marketing through the following features offered by ExactTarget Marketing cloud :

1. Highly effective Campaigns                  

ExactTarget Marketing Cloud provides powerful email marketing platforms for campaigns.Drag and drop features are used to create personalized email content optimized for targeted and segmented audiences.Apps like “Journey builder” allow tracking of email campaigns so users can monitor and measure their campaigns.

Mobile campaigning has a lot of competitors but Salesforce1 on mobile is highly scalable and offers more than real time alerts, transaction notifications and geo location specific experiences.Given the increasing use of smartphones, personalized mobile campaigns need to be useful and effective.There is now higher engagement with on the go customers

2. Equipping marketers with Data Analytics

Salesforce Exact Target

Salesforce Exact Target

The core of marketing strategies are developed based on existing information and data gathered about the customer, their practices, trends and experiences.

ExactTarget Marketing Cloud has a collection of tools that can streamline data from different levels like accounts, emails, campaigns, subscribers and links.

The power of this information lies in the ability to use it to focus marketing messages and influence further decisions. ExactTarget brought in Pardot and iGoDigital, bringing more automation and analytics to Salesforce.


3 . Optimized Digital Marketing       

   ·  Listening to Social media and Adding marketing capabilities

ExactTarget Marketing Cloud social products now allows marketers to listen and track conversations  about their products on social platforms and efficiently use that information to further their brand.

Social marketing apps like BuddyMedia and Radian6 (Now Social studio) and  Social.com offer workspaces, calendars and workflow, multi-platform publishing, listening, and content analytics, everything needed to manage social media.

·  Increased Web marketing    

ExactTarget Marketing Cloud’s suite of eCommerce marketing tools and web products are used by huge online retail vendors to strengthen their marketing and connect with their customers.Predictive intelligence engine help create personalized experiences  with with tailored content and recommendations. The customer ends up being more engaged and spending more time on the retail site and having better experience which increasing guided sales.

With the suite of tools brought in with ExactTarget, Salesforce now has the ability to offer its customers completely automated capabilities to nurture leads, track prospects, run strong campaigns with the right content and provide useful messaging to customers.

With ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Salesforce has really hit the accelerator in marketing and is all set to keep its CRM lead in the  constantly expanding cloud world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Image for exacttarget blog

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